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Weavers of the Tartan

The "Weavers of the Tartan" was founded as a group of musicians to create music with the Great Highland Bagpipe; to "weave", so to speak, the music in the arrangments so the pipes are musically intertwined with the other instruments.

Scott Cawthon

scott cawthon

The innovative highland bagpipe music by "Weavers of the Tartan" is influenced by Scott Cawthon, one of five Cawthon bagpipe artisans.  Donald and Jock MacLellan, Scottish immigrants and family friends first introduced him and his four brothers to playing the bagpipe during the 1960's. He began taking bagpipe lessons from several local bagpipe instructors at the ripe old age of 8. He also attended numerous Scottish performing arts schools where he received personal tutoring from Scotland's leading pipers Capt. John MacLellan, Pipe Major John MacKenzie and John MacFadyen.

Playing the bagpipes in many bagpiping competitions is one of Scott's most memorable achievements. He placed 1st in the USA and 3rd in the N. American solo bagpipe competitions in the late 1960's. Although Scott has enjoyed performing publicly, his desire was to create a new refreshing sound that would gracefully "weave" the Great Highland Bagpipe with various other instruments to create an array of styles and sounds. Each tune is artistically composed to paint musical pictures with vibrant splashes of imagination.

Mark Heckert

Much of the arrangment imagination is also due to Mark Heckert the President/Chief Engineer at Digiscore Productions L.L.C. based in Waterford, Michigan. He is an outstanding recording engineer and arranger in addition to being a dynomite keyboardist. Digiscore provides excellent audio and post video proudction services.


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