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October 24, 2003

News 10/24/03

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A wonderful article written by by Jennifer Myers & Stefanie Koranda at the Wayoo, NB High School: Fine Arts on September 30, 2003.

Professional Bagpiper Visits WHS Band Students

On Tuesday, September 23, as the strains of Amazing Grace and God Bless America filled the Little Theater, the Wahoo High School Band listened in astonishment while Scott Cawthon blew them away with his bagpipes. Not only did he give a breathtaking performance, but he also offered the students information about his trade. Students learned about the various parts of both the bagpipes and the bagpiper’s attire. Cawthon is a 25-year family friend of WHS Counselor Terry Kopish, who arranged his visit. Cawthon’s home is Dearborn, Michigan.

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