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May 16, 2012

Weavers of the Tartan and the PIPIN’ HOT

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Weavers of the Tartan and the PIPIN’ HOT album were actually the product of a previous bagpipe album Scott had recorded back in 1984. The name of this first album was “Weave of the Tartan” by the Cawthons.

Scott was unable to promote this album due to circumstances arising at the time, and the project was put on the back shelf. Years went by when Scott noticed his original masters were deteriorating. He sent them away to be restored. As he listened to these restored masters, Scott felt that the arrangements and sound of his music were, in his own words, “pretty cheesy.”

After all, it was 1994 and the technology and quality of music had improved quite dramatically with the introduction of mp3s and live digital editing. Scott tried recording the pipe track over on one of the songs, but the contrast proved to be too much.

It was then that Scott decided to go back into the recording studio. He kept what he felt were his best songs on this first album and added some other songs and arrangements he had already had in mind to record. This time, instead of making his arrangements around the bagpipe music, he would take the liberty to arrange the pipe music around the (Scottish) style and arrangement of music he was looking for.