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News 05/05/03

    Bagpipe music rehersals for Digiscore recording session this week.

    Pictures of recent performances will be posted soon.

News 05/02/03

    Bagpiping in Evart, Michigan this weekend at the Sat. memorial service and Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church.

News 05/01/03

    National Day of Prayer.

    Bagpipe music, in particular hymns; are featured in today's rehearsals today at Caber Records.

News 04/30/03

    The initial trial usage of the new Ross bagpipe bag proved successful. More bagpipe music rehearsals today preparing for the latest CD project.

News 04/29/03

    Scott is going to try some high tech bagpipe accessories. He recently purchased a Ross bag with canisters from Henderson Imports, Ltd. - His bagpipes will be equipped with this new bag and plastic drone reeds for this weekends events in Evart, Michigan. “I’ve liked and used L&M hide bag for years. I have heard many good reports on these types and bags and wanted to try it myself.” – Scott Cawthon