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Festivities and Music Festivals

    The Weavers of the Tartan and Scottish bagpipe music troupe are in full force. Listen to us play at events around the Northwest.

Summer Pipe Dreams

    We are excited for the summer piping season, which means playing bagpipes in the environment where they were meant to be heard: the outdoors! If you are in Washington State check us out for an opportunity to hear a live bagpiping show.

Successful Motion Picture Debut

    Amazing Grace was extremely successful in its debut, with box office receipts showing the movie has made more than $14 million in its first four weeks. We are extremely pleased with the number of movie goers who have seen this amazing story in theaters.

Amazing Grace Movie

    We are thrilled to be featured on the Christian Broadcasting Network and associated with the new movie "Amazing Grace". We have played and discussed this song for our entire lives, and it never gets tiring. Amazing Grace is truly a song that will last in the hearts of men and women as a beacon of hope and force of inspiration.

    Read Scott Cawthon's article on CBN

    See the official movie site. Premiers February 23.

Featured on CBN

    Caber Records proudly announces a song featured in a new movie. The Christian Broadcasting Network has used our rendition of Amazing Grace. This will be used for the new movie "Amazing Grace". See CBN site for further details.