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Bagpipes in 2007

    Hello bagpipe lovers and welcome to 2007. We have a great year of entertainment, festivals and events lined up. Come check out our piping live and get your CD signed!

Music for the Holidays

    The only thing we love more than the bagpipes are Christian holidays. We wish all of you great happiness during these holidays. Music is the voice of god.

Bagpipes for Christmas

    Its almost Christmas time, and this is a very special day for us. We wish all happy holidays, and good cheer. We will be thinking of you during our holiday piping sessions.

    Merry Christmas

Thanksgiving Music

    Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. We love to gather and celebrate all we are thankful for. Of course, playing the bagpipes is a big part of the festivities!

Our Music on iTunes

    Great news bagpipe music lovers! Our album Pipin Hot is now available on iTunes, the most popular online music marketplace.

    Get Pipin Hot today!