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Labor Day Music

    Summer is coming to an end, and we had a great time being outdoors and playing the bagpipes. One of my little ideas is to take the pipes into the Northwest wilderness, start playing, and see who pops up! The Sasquatch legend centers around the Cascade mountains, and no one has been able to lure them out yet. Maybe Sasquatchs will respond to bagpipes :)

    The thing that remains is piping and the outdoors are a blissful combination.

Summer Piping is Here

    Gather around in the outdoors to experience nature and feel the warm sun on your face. The outdoors is where the bagpipes were meant to be experienced, so try to leave your home and listen to some great music outdoors.

New Songs

    Do you have a favorite bagpipe tune? If so please tell us. The Weavers of the Tartan want to know what you would like to hear in our new compositions. Please email us with your requests.

Comments Welcome!

    Caber Records wants your feedback. We have many free mp3 bagpipe music downloads available and would like you to help spread the word. If you have benefited from our music in any way, please tell us. Music is meant to be shared, enjoyed and experienced. If you like our bagpipe music, please consider purchasing the CD. It helps us create more tracks for your enjoyment.

Bagpipe Links

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