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Happy New Year

    Welcome 2006, and look for many improvements to Caber Records. Scott intends to add more bagpipe music tracks and a pay per song download system similar to itunes. All downloadable songs will be in unrestricted MP3 format, playable on any MP3 music player.

Website Redesign

    Caber Records has a new design. Layout elements were rearranged for easier navigation, and CSS was used to reduce the amount of site images. The result is a more user friendly website with decreased load times. Feedback is welcome via the Guestbook or contact pages.

Caber Records Has Moved!

    Yes, Scott Cawthon and wife moved to the west coast of Washington state. Scott looks forward to producing bagpipe music and playing the pipes in the Evergreen state.

    Look for more song lyrics and descriptions as the Bagpipe content is expanded.

Pipin Online

    Exciting News! You can now access Pipin Hot tracks from your favorite multimedia player. Be it iTunes, MusicMatch, AOL Music, Yahoo Music, or most other music services, you can now listen to or download our music.

New Music and New Site

    2005 is here and so Scott continues working on new bagpipe music. New Caber Records web site design in the works.