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News 10/18/04

    Scott continues to work on bagpipe music arrangements this week.

News 10/15/04

    Scott was honored to play bagpipe music today for the memorial service of Rohn Johns in Garden City, Michigan

News 10/12/04

    Caber Records has successfully received digital distribution licences for the "Pipin' Hot" music CD. This means the bagpipe music of Scott Cawthon will be available at iTunes, MusicMatch and a host of other multimedia players.

News 09/29/04

    Scott provided bagpipe music for MacPhees Family Restaurant & Pub at the 7th Annual "Taste of Clarkston" feastival in Clarkston, Michigan this past weekend.

    MacPhees Family Restaurant & Pub is located at 650 S. OrtonvilleRd., Ortonville, Michigan.

News 09/10/04

    Scott was honored to provide bagpipe music for the James D. Vinson funeral on September 08, 2004. We pray the Lord comfort his family and friends during this difficult time.