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News 07/23/04

    Bagpipe music resounds in Dearborn while Scott prepares for the upcoming Syracuse Highland Games.

News 07/07/04

    This past July 4th we reflected upon the liberty and freedom of this nation and give thanks to the Lord for granting it to us.

    This week Scott continues to work on music projects and begins preparing bagpipe music for the upcoming Syracuse Highland Games in August.

News 06/28/04

    Final preparations are at hand as we prepare to have our bagpipe music distributed through various multimedia players like iTunes, MusicMatch, etc.

June 15, 2004

    Bagpipe music from Caber Records will soon be available through multimedia player services like iTunes, MusicMatch, etc.

News 06/07/04

    We pause this day in remembrance over our late President Ronald Reagan and the contributions he made to our country.

    Pictures of Scott visiting Lawrenceburg, TN over the Memorial holiday will be posted soon. Scott continues to work on more bagpipe music arrangements.