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News 05/19/04

    On Wednesday, May 19, 2004 Scott Cawthon participated in UAW, Local 845, Veterans Monument Dedication Ceremony in Canton, Michigan. Bagpipe music played included "Going Home" and "Amazing Grace."

News 05/13/04

    Bagpipe music can be heard in Dearborn, Michigan this week because the weather is warm enough for Scott to practice outside.

News 04/27/04

    The sounds of bagpipe music by Scott Cawthon resound in Mentor, OH this week.

News 04/22/04

    Bagpipe music resonated throughout Lawrenceburg, Tennessee this week as Scott performed for Louise Cawthon.

News 04/13/2004

    We continue on the road for digital distribution of bagpipe music from our Pipin' Hot album.