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News 04/06/04

    Scott visited Gibson Bagpipes in Ohio where bagpipes music is celebrated year round. Gibson makes very beautiful bagpipes indeed!

News 04/02/2004

    Caber Records is working with a third party to digitally distribute "Pipin' Hot" worldwide and also at this web site. Bagpipe music heard around the world!

News 03/18/04

    Scott continues to work on bagpipe music arrangments for a recording project.

News 03/08/04

    Bagpipe music - who doesn't love it? We will post additional photographs tomorrow from the Robert Burns dinner in Syracuse, NY with the Daughters of Scotia.

News 03/04/04

    Scott is contemplating new bagpipe music arrangements this week. He has general practice sessions scheduled. Some of it working with the Brian Boru pipe chanter.