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News 07/22/03

    Scott continues to work on bagpipe music for the next CD project. Web site bagpipe music samples were changed. Music samples from current project will be made available in August 2003.

News 07/14/03

    Scott is experimenting with the Brian Boru pipe chanter this week and may use it in the original bagpipe music arrangment of "Bagpipe Blues."

News 07/08/03

    "Amazing Grace", "Bagpipe Blues", "The Jolly Beggerman", "My Love She's but a Lassie Yet", and "Mingulay Boat Song" are the arrangements of the week. Scott will be meeting with Lafata Jr. and Heckert to finish them up. Samples will be available on this web site when completed.

News 07/06/03

    Scott is working on more bagipe music this week on new arrangments due this fall.

News 07/02/03

    July begins with bagpipe music sounding vibrantly in Dearborn as Scott Cawthon practices new arrangements for upcoming recording sessions.