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News 05/23/03

    Bagpipe music will be heard in Nebraska this coming week as Scott and Debbie Cawthon visit the renown Skye Clan.

News 05/12/03

    Bagpipe music: We are arranging a variety of music, so much so, that we may need to split the work into two new music CDs.

    Picture and web updates to soon follow.

News 05/12/03

    Another grand week of bagpipe music as Heckert and Cawthon continue work on the next CD project.

    Thought for the day: What if today is the most important day of your life? Spend it wisely, at least have a good laugh!

News 05/10/03

    "Amazing Grace" is on the top of the list of bagpipe music to complete for the next CD release. Samples will be posted when available. Also, the samples on the audio page will be updated soon.

News 05/07/03

    Scott will be playing at the Cherry Hill Baptist Church in Dearborn Heights, MI this Saturday at 1:00pm for a private memorial service. A single life impacts many - our prayers enfold the family and friends.